April Spotlight: Carol Talbot Motivational Speaker : Matrix Training Solutions

carol 2Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East
I’m a seeker, searcher and explorer, and originally came to this region for a 1-year contract in Sharjah…and like many other expats, I’ve been fascinated by the shifts and changes that have occurred during my 26 years here! As a professional speaker I’ve guided and inspired people in over 20 countries offering motivational events for world class companies.
An NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Master Trainer & respected authority on NLP I regularly run certification programs. Known as ‘the FIRE-STARTER’ I regularly ‘fire up’ teams to teach them how to walk across burning hot coals of around 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. Author of ‘Breaking Through,’ I have a passion for empowering others to change their minds and keep the change! Watch out for my next book…The You Code!

How would you describe the culture of your business?
Our goal is to enable others (individuals and organizations) to be a difference that makes a difference. That means we need to be models of excellence and strive towards continuous improvement through learning and developing ourselves, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?
I’d prefer to consider challenges as opportunities!

Opportunity 1: Developing new technologies and incorporating them into the learning experiences we deliver

Opportunity 2: Turning creative ideas into tangible results for ourselves and others

Opportunity 3: Contributing at a much bigger level

Opportunity 4: Discovering new ways to be the difference that makes the difference