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Amal Loring is the founder of MBD , a company committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of Individuals within organizations at every level.

Tell us about your experience and time in the Middle East

I was working in UK and was the No 1 Sales executive for Oracle in the UK and second in the world. I was then brought to Dubai to work with Oracle who headhunted me for the Middle East set up. It got me thinking why some sales people were successful and some not so with equal training and opportunities. This led me to explore the world of NLP, neuroscience, Hypnosis and formed Mind –Body- Dynamix in 1999

Since then, I have worked with a great many companies and coached many hundreds of executives, my counseling work has given me the opportunity to have experienced every challenge that that humans can possibly encounter, including instances of murder when working with prisoners.

How would you describe the culture of your business?

During the 17 years of living working and thriving in the UAE, I have developed extensive knowledge of Arab Culture and with a specialism in the UAE culture. I have unique expertise in understanding the relationship building process among people and use Inter-Cultural Intelligence to underpin my work in strategic consulting, change management, leadership development and coaching. This enables me to

collaborate with other training companies easily, and to gain access to companies who show interest in cultural awareness.

How easy is it for you to access the decision makers?

Very easy, as I have as a Muslim woman born in the UK but now living as a UAE National am welcomed across all nationalities and cultures. I also attract great referrals from organisations I network in.

What do you see are your biggest challenges over the next 5 years?

My biggest and most rewarding challenge is bringing up my daughter with confidence, vales and aspirations to make a difference.

What is your Philosophy? 

Reducing the Human EGO, maximising the Heart Space . Keeping my ego in check and seeing others with compassion.

MBD is a uniquely positioned provider of Inter-cultural & Global Competencies, team
building, and coaching solutions, helping individuals and organisations to achieve results

Amal Loring. Tel: +971 50 655 0438,,
The Citadel Tower, Dubai Business Bay, Office Number 3803, PO Box 71947, Dubai

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