Best Careers for Digital Natives Vera Marie Reed

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Digital natives are people born during the age of digital technology and therefore immersed in a world of digital products and the Internet from an early age. The term was coined by author, Marc Prensky, in 2001 to describe the post-millennial generation that will be defined by the technology culture with which they are familiar.

This group is well suited for careers that can lead to fulfilling and rewarding careers. Technology is changes at a speed like never before. Digital natives that are well educated are best positioned to take advantage of the changes on the horizon. The follow list contain a small set of careers best suited for digital natives.

Web Programmer

Programmers develop software that allow computers to address the many needs we have across all walks of life. From banking to healthcare to entertainment, the computer is essential to our way of life. Digital natives have grown up using computers in education and play. Programming allows them to step on the other side and produce the applications that make life more efficient for consumers.

Web programmers earn an average salary of up to $80,000.

Digital Strategist







Digital strategist com develop technological solutions to business problems. Professionals in this field use research and analytical skills to integrate digital communication solutions to accomplish a goal. In this age of content marketing, a digital strategist will optimize search engine results to ensure that a brand can maximize their content marketing reach and foster a relationship with an engaged community.

Digital strategies can expect to make an average salary of $60,000 according to

Social Media Manager

Someone functioning in this role would oversee a company’s social media presence. They would connect with and grow the online community, develop a social media strategy designed to build the brand and assist with marketing campaigns, and stay abreast of trends that a company can leverage to disseminate their message. Social media managers are in high demand from Fortune 500 companies to small business and solo-preneurs. A company without a vibrant social media presence is missing out on making a connection with potential clients. An effective social media manager is a valuable resource to aid in a much needed marketing effort.


Social media managers can expect to make an average annual salary of $46,000 according to

Account Executive

For digital natives that prefer to work more closely with people rather than computers, an account executive is a perfect position. Account executives are the middle man between vendors and their employer. For instance, a person in this position could serve as the liaison between an Ad Agency and the client. Customer service is a core skill required in this role. Account executives routinely nurture client relationships, review proposal pitches, and implement corporate strategies.

Account executives earn an average annual salary of $53,000 according to

These are only a few of the many careers that are well suited to the digital native generation. Given the familiarity with technology and a solid education, the employment sky is limitless for those willing to take advantage of the opportunities available.