A Really Useful New Business Writing Book – and locally written!

As someone who has trained business writing skills for many years, I was delighted to find a locally written book on the subject.  

Khaled Al Maskari an Abu Dhabi based Oil and Gas professional, describes his journey of writing the book.

‘Based on my experience in the field and my intention to assist and train freshgraduates in the oil and gas industry, I conducted a research which aimed at identifying techniques and tools to promote effective communication in

writing. It was apparent that staff inability to write effective business letters ore-mails was their major impediment for effective communication in the workplace. 
In fact, fresh graduates lack effective writing skills and may possess onlymoderate competence in linguistic and rhetoric skills needed to produce appropriate, meaningful and accurate written documents in various genres.The intention to put together a set of basic principles that readers can use to write effectively was very crucial. 
The book, therefore, was designed for the fresh graduates as well as other proffessionals who truly wish to develop overall proficiency in writing effective business letters and e-mails in order to communicate successfully and with
integrity in the workplace. 
As most correspondences are taking place via e-mails nowadays, I focused heavily on this specific medium which I consider to be a prominent Communication tool in the business environment.This book is locally produced and meant to address the most problematic aspects of business letter writing. It is a comprehensive guide that takes the readers through the whole process using straightforward language accessible to all. It also gives the readers an in-depth overview of major techniques,examples, graphical and contextual supports needed to enhance their writing abilities. 
Hope you enjoy reading my book.
Khaled Al Maskari