June Spotlight – Doug Lipp

June Spotlight Paul Michael Gledhill interviews Doug Lipp

PMG and Doug Lipp Disney

Doug Lipp

Brings the Disney U story to Dubai

Doug, strolls into the Shangri La like he’d lived there most of his life. He is extremely comfortable in his shoes and immediately connects with everyone he engages with, charisma is his friend, and he oozes it

Doug’s Disney anecdotes are tremendously inspirational, as not many people even if they try cannot connect emotionally to the brand

Taking everyone back to the history of Disney he weaves his way through some amazing and elaborate stories that bring in the audience attentiveness and sentiment

The translation from the Disney stories to the general business lives of the participants is extremely practical and applicable as they scribe their own aspirations.

His boundless energy throughout the day was relentless and infectious

Chatting to Doug, he was just as personable as he lauded the Dubai achievements. “The winning of the 2020 expo is significant for the region” he states “it will be exciting times for people in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates”

I asked him about his passion for travel and speaking and it is apparent he is truly enjoying his trips and the audience engagement all around the world

This is Doug’s second visit to Dubai and he has relished the opportunity to see the landmarks here particularly the Burj Khalifa and the Palm Island where he was working at Atlantis yesterday

Doug was brought back to Dubai by Right Selections following his visit six months ago. When asked when he will return he replied “As soon as they will have me back”

I’m sure the demand and hunger for this type of edutainment is here in the region so it won’t be long before he returns

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