November Spotlight: Amr Selim HumanTalents

Amr SelimTell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East?
I am a customer’s advocate on a mission to improve the customer experience that businesses and government departments deliver to their customers or to the public!
There are many benefits from improving customer experience such as: increased sales, profitability and retention of customers and employees.
Customer experience A.K.A “CX”, is 75% to 80% a result of a “Human” interaction, so there is no way to improve it without improving employee engagement and performance, we call it the CX supply chain!
Using a mix of leadership + technology & innovation maintains a strong CX supply chain.


If you deliver services of any kind, improving CX is the best thing to do for your business, Imagine enhancing your staff motivation, engagement, performance and customer experience all at the same time! What impact would it have on your business or organization and its growth ?

I love the Middle East and Dubai in particular because of its multiculturalism, business friendly environment and its huge appetite for growth, in-fact after moving to Canada from Dubai I was told that I need to “slow down” !

How would you describe the culture of your business?

We “Eat our own dog food!” and strive to provide the best possible CX to our clients, in order to do that we focus on:

  1. Listening to our customers:
    Getting constant, real time feedback (good or not!) helps us to know what our clients need and give it to them, it also enables us to take quick & corrective action when things aren’t going the right way.
  2. Listening and looking after our staff:
    It is almost impossible to have happy clients if we don’t have happy employees! They are our “internal customers”
    We listen to (and apply) their suggestions whenever possible and we promote a friendly environment where people are recognized and rewarded for their good work not just in their own job role but in helping others too.
  3. Customer Success:
    Our clients or customers come to us in order to make things better, we don’t just give them a product or a software tool, we work with them for the length of that engagement and team up in order to achieve those goals.
    This can involve tasks like: solving some internal issues, dealing with workplace politics or tweaking some processes, provide training / coaching. Whatever it takes to help our client succeed

What are the biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

Growth and profitability!

As a new business we face tough competition and have to over stretch our limited resources to serve our clients and meet their expectations. We believe in this long-term relation building & service strategy, but it takes time for a brand to become synonymous with service excellence.
This puts us in some “catch 22” situation: Should we wait to be more profitable in order to hire more consultants, or hire more consultants to make us more profitable?
Not to mention the time it takes to find, acquire and on-board the right talent!

  • What are the skills and competencies that you would need to train in order to meet the region’s talent requirements?

Leadership, Motivation, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence – EI, Relationship Management, Teamwork and Cultural Awareness.

What is your Philosophy?

Always seek Excellence in what you do! Be a star performer.
It does not matter what it is ! If you are a burger flipper at a local McDonald’s’ try to be the best burger flipper in your city / country, believe me the world will take notice!

Amr Selim
Founder & Managing Director
HumanTalents Development inc.

+1 360 977-7337

Do you need a holiday?

I always enjoy reading the messages on the newsletter of Zaufyshan Haseeb Intekworld and as Summer approaches this seems quite approriate. This is what he has written. Do you need a holiday?

“Summer is in full swing and I see the colleagues around me planning their vacations. I can sense their excitement at the prospect while I sit pouring over my papers, thinking, how am I ever going to finish all these pending projects. In this scenario, vacations is the last thing on my mind. I go home feeling like a zombie. I sit through the evening meal on an auto-pilot; not hearing what my spouse and kids are discussing. The day ends with me heading to bed with a cloud over my head. With the alarm ringing in the morning – the process starts all over again. Does this sound familiar?

We get so caught up in the rut that we forget that our first responsibility is towards ourselves. If we burn out completely, our efficiency drops, our creativity comes to a standstill and we become a nightmare not only for our colleagues, but also our family members. A break from our work is imperative to put things in perspective. Let us look at the reasons why people do not want to take vacations.

1. We are workaholics – addicted to work
2. Is it practical to take a vacation during recession
3. Too much planning involved
4. Wait till the last minute to book vacations and then they are disastrous
5. Job Insecurity – What if they hire someone else in my place while I’m gone?
6. My weekends are a vacation
7. I don’t have enough money to take a holiday
8. Vacations are for the weak – I can take excessive amounts of stress
9. Time is money specially for the self-employed and I cant afford to take time off
10. False sense of Importance – everything will fall apart if I leave

If you are still not convinced that the reasons stated above are your reasons, let us look at a few signs that you in dire need of a vacation:

1. Irritability – frequently losing cool
2. Memory loss
3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
4. Indifference towards work whether at work or at home
5. Anehodonia – inability to feel happiness
6. Tunnel vision – Inability to think of creative solutions
7. Performance curve goes downhill

A Vacation does not mean that you have to go to an exotic place far away which matches the brochures at your travel agent’s desk. It can be going on a road trip a few hours away from home for a change of scenery and a break in the usual routine. A holiday time can be as lengthy as three to four weeks or a few days break every quarter – the choice is yours.

The point is that everyone needs to pause their lives for a few days. Think of it like a hard disk of a computer, if it is on 24/7 it will heat up and get clogged with the open active softwares, reducing the quick decision making support needed by the user. Every now and then it needs to shutdown, refresh, reboot and be ready for action again.

When you take a vacation it is not a time off, but a conscious effort to switch off so that you can be efficient for the next eleven months. Vacations are not a luxury but a necessity. The benefits are immeasurable but a few are listed below:

1. You come back refreshed
2. You live longer by giving the everyday stress a break
3. Your mental health improves
4. Your personal relationships improve which have a direct impact on your professional life
5. You recapture your childhood by cutting free from all your responsibilities and just having fun
6. Your creativity comes back
7. Your productivity improves
8. Your emotional life becomes less volatile – you become a better team player
9. You become a better problem solver as the clutter has been cleared
10. You look amazing with a glow on your face, a glint in your eyes and and a healthy tan to prove outdoor activity

Do not underestimate the impact a little time-off can give you. Go ahead and call your travel agent now and book a vacation suiting your budget. Leave your laptop and your Blackberry home.


Hello all.  Allow me to share with you a proven path to increasing sales in any organization.  This model is based on a scientific approach as to what makes people buy.  These sales steps can be adapted to any sales environment. 

  1. SALES CULTURE = as a professional sales person you must believe that you are in sales and are passionate about getting people to buy.  Equally a sales organization must look + behave and act like a sales engine
  2. SOB = you must be a Student Of your Business, which means having a cutting edge “understanding” of your product/service + market + competition.  This knowledge will help you to be of further value to your customer.  Product Knowledge (PK) is just one of the elements of the curriculum
  3. LEADING METRICS = to increase your sales turnover/value you must work on

                            FOOTFALL – increasing footfall of prospects & loyal customers

                            CONVERSION RATE – The best way to improve sales skills is to teach someone to close more deals regardless of the amount.  This enables them to build their confidence – a critical competency

                             AVERAGE SALE – The second best way to increase sales is to “build” a higher ticket/deal value.  To accomplish this you must learn how to upsell & add on, being able to do both  requires discipline

No imagine increasing your CONVERSION RATE + AVERAGE SALE :).  This calls for a celebration on the sales pitch.  Thank you

What is a CLO?

Good morning from sunny Dubai.  As CLO for the leading mobile telecom business allow me to outline my view on what makes a CLO

  • The CLO must report to the CEO or equivalent level and not anyone below that level
  • This has to be executive “chief” level position
  • 3 KPIs – must all be directly linked to a measurable tangible result that drives Performance + Execution = ROI.  It is not about training calendars and stats on how many trainings or people trained.

1.    Workforce Development: a collaborative KPI with HR + Quality/Governance/Business Excellence dept.  The measure is how many/% of Managers are hitting their annual KPI

2.    L&D Budget: responsible and accountable to manage all L&D budget across enterprise, such as fees, registrations, travel, lodging….internal & external

3.    Performance Execution: take the bottom 20% underperforming Managers and develop them to achieve the next tier up of rating in Performance Appraisal

  • Experience – key drivers

o   Keen business acumen of the sector & market + customers

o   Seasoned facilitator/trainer or consultant or practitioner in a related business where was directly responsible for performance engagements

o   Multi cultural – be able to “immerse” with workforce and internal; external customers

o   Hands on- needs to have been in the trenches, front line/on the shop floor… “grown” from an entry level position and demonstrated significant progression in any field

o   LMS – must be knowledgeable in LMS + rapid learning..blended concept

o   Concept of Operations – must be able to articulate a performance plan that is based on globally recognized and accepted  leadership & management discipline such as Covey, Charan, Carnegie, Blanchard….ASTD system & processes

Would welcome any feedback as well