Education Discrimination William Spindloe






We are suffering a new type of growing discrimination in the workplace today and this growing trend really concerns me because it’s an artificial barrier that not everyone can get over.

If you’re hiring for a position that doesn’t require a degree, you are discriminating plain and simple. You could be missing out on a potentially good candidate. Plus this new trend of excluding a candidate despite having a wealth of experience is nonsensical.  I have over the years met many who have great academic ability that cannot translate this into success in the workplace.

I think this recent mail from a friend kind of sums up the kind of barriers I am eluding to. Its a telephone conversation between the recruitment department and him.

Recruitment – We have seen your CV and are really interested in the experience you could bring to the role

Candidate- Sounds good

Recruitment- We are a bit concerned that you don’t have a degree though?

Candidate- You just said you were attracted by the experience.

Recruitment- But we need someone who has a degree.

Candidate- What about the last 27 years of experience? isn’t that whats important to the role. This is a Directors position in a Consulting firm right? would it help if I had a degree in Divinity?

Recruitment- That would be good. Do you?

Candidate- No, and I thought we established I don’t have a degree. Do you know what Divinity is?

Recruitment- Er…No.

Candidate- Its religious studies or theology

Recruitment- Well that would still satisfy the requirement for the degree. We need the degree

Candidate- So really you require academic qualification in anything, as long as its a degree? it doesn’t matter how pertinent to the role and the last 27 years of experience is rendered useless unless I have a possibly completely unrelated qualification?

Recruitment- We need a degree.

Candidate – Bye.

Jobs, Branson, Ellison, Gates, Edison… know where I am going with this right?

“Education is an admirable thing. But it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught”- Oscar Wilde