English Language: Uzair Hassan 3h Solutions Dubai


How deep is the inference of each word. How broadly can one take its meaning, yet how abstract it can turn out to be. Although words have specific meanings, they also have inferences and subtle hints at something else. At times these can be insightful, they can also be eye openers.

A few examples:

“Yet” implies a future

“Maybe” is the amber light waiting to turn green

“Cost” is the stumbling block

“Profit” is the bait

“Greed” is the reason for many a misadventure

“Acceptance” is taking a hit while fitting into the new structure of things

“Perhaps” is the kid in you raring to go

“Could I?” Is the realization beginning to seep in that you actually could

“Guilt” Is you, projecting your environment

“Nevertheless” is trying to move on while leaving the past behind, even though it hurt you

“Whatever” is not being able to comprehend and simply wanting to move forward

“Penultimate” is not winning

“Loneliness & Solitude” signifying the ugliness and the beauty of being alone

“Possibility” is raising hope, couched in doubt

“Absence” is the opposite of presence, yet has more connotations than the later

“Tears” can be misleading. Of Joy, of relief, of sadness of…….

“No” is a complete sentence now

“Yes” although positive, can be the answer to many ill-fated questions e.g. did you fail?

“Funny” can be Funny how that turned out, or hahah funny or funny taste or………

“Ambiguity” is masked in uncertainty, shrouded in mystery & wrapped in double meanings

“Love” is often used but in such a broad array of situations (Love this ice cream / area / tree – Also love the lifestyle this place offers, or, love my mother. Same word, different levels of love with different intensities) so should one be using it so readily for everything?

And so on.

The language also couches double meanings of the same word. E.g. complex (a group of similar buildings) or complex (exactly the same spelling and pronunciation) meaning consisting of many different parts or even difficult. For a beginner it can create confusion and the double meaning words as well as subtle messages provide perplexing moments. What is remarkable about it is that it is now the most widely spoken language on the planet. Given its adoption by the global community, there are further “enrichments” to it that create more contextual anomalies / relevance. They also create cultural aspects that lend to the message.

At the end of the day, the idea behind a language, any language, is to be able to communicate. It has done that, and brought the world together, in one fell sweep.


Uzair Hassan / CEO, 3H Solutions Group / Dubai, UAE.

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An ex-banker and a serial entrepreneur. Trained / consulted in over 15 countries. Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM-UK) as well as a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI-UK). Adjunct professor at a university teaching the executive MBA. Featured in over 20 different publications. Adviser to the American Leadership Board (ALB), Advisor to European Bank for Reconstruction & Development ASB team, A Board member at an OD/HR company and a member of Mensa.