From Caterpillar to Butterfly Rohit Bassi

A caterpillar was strolling along its usual route amongst the dense vegetation. Suddenly, the caterpillar sees an amazing creature fly just ahead of it. In jealousy, the caterpillar says to the charming creature “you are just a show-off, prancing around in your colourful wings. Oh, thank the heavens above I am not like you and I would never want to be like you”. The magnificent elegant creature in silence looks at the caterpillar, smiles with great compassion at it and flys away.

Like many of you out there for many years, I have been on an internal quest to know about my existence. Many times I have heard about vibration and read numerous books on this subject. Yet when the words “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” came in front of me they simply got to me.

Now, the journey we call life has a twist for me. When I read “Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” on a social media post I immediately responded with “God Bless” followed by “may I suggest that you view the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer on YouTube or read his work. He talks about the importance of what you stated about your vibes and what it attract. You will enjoy it”.

Later on, as I was driving through the roads of Dubai I drove into the back of a car (a divine power ensured no one was hurt). In that moment I realised how my low vibration was causing immense damage to my existence. I had to find a way to get out of this mess. What I was about to do was going start transforming my life and take me on a journey that I was longing for all my life.

You see in life we all have issues, problems or challenges, call them what you want. Due to the way we have been conditioned from the moment we are in our mother’s womb, we may sometimes do things that are beyond our understanding.

As Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” In other words, the way we feel affects our own vibration which has an impact on what happens to us and attracts different types of individuals, situations and scenarios into our life.

Rather than living with ourselves with compassion we have been conditioned to let the ego and mind take control over us. In fact, we tend to be rather ruthless with ourselves in terms of our feeling, thoughts and actions. The effects of this are sabotaging to yourself and a few have realised how important it is to get away from such a way of life. As Caroline A. Sharer states “Listening to your ego brings your vibration down; listening to your higher self-brings your vibration up.”

Dr. Hawkins’s further supports this idea and this is what his discovery has been:

One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of optimism and a willingness to be nonjudgmental of others will counterbalance the negativity of 90,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels
One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of pure love and reverence for all of life will counterbalance the negativity of 750,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels
One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of illumination, bliss, and infinite peace will counterbalance the negativity of 10 million people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels
One individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of grace, pure spirit beyond the body, in a world of complete oneness, will counterbalance the negativity of 70 million people who calibrate at the lower weakening levels
Imagine how you as an individual could influence, inspire and impact so many individuals out there. So, for me personally the quest is to vibrate at a higher level and that can only be achieved through compassion.

Compassion being empathy for the suffering of yourself and others. It is important to go within for you to gain a state of compassion which leads to love. To gain this state focus on three things:

Trust – having the knowing within yourself, learning and knowing your true inner self
Openness – ability to be flexible and adaptable in all situations
Passion – emotion, feeling and the pure positive energy that comes from the heart and soul
Compassion is not about having pity on others. It has nothing to do with being nice and feeling sorry for others. It never means to be disrespect to yourself or be a yes person to the needs and wants of others. In simple terms, it is about being empowering, tolerant and forgiving. Life is simply about love. Imagine, you being in this true state. In other words to drop the judgment and the ego.

Many of us feel and act like a caterpillar without realising we have the ability to transform into a vibrant butterfly. Living within our fears, limitation and sabotaging conditioning we deceive ourselves by refusing to stretch and expand our comfort zone. We simply refuse to make mistakes thus avoiding going into our learning zone that actually helps us stretch and expand our comfort zone.

Like a butterfly, we all want to be amazing, charming and full of life. We all have a strong desire to fly in great elegance and boldness, experiencing the bliss and joy of life. It would be simply awesome for us to see ourselves as beautiful, respectable, and lovely.

In order to be that beautiful butterfly whose vibration is on a high I personally focus on three things that conventional people say is absurd. But then I always had a tendency to be a rebel with a cause, to be unconventional and find better ways to better myself. The three things are:

Patient, developing my ability to able to accept and tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.
Relax, developing my ability to become less tense and anxious.
Being rather than doing, this is toughest of all for me. It is about silence and listening within.
Yes, it can be frustrating especially with years of sabotaging conditioning but then I have seen when I am in focus on these three things somehow my vibration is at a high and miracles happen around me.

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” – Lao Tzu