November Spotlight Amanda Turner

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Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East.
I arrived in Dubai in August of 2011 to take a Knowledge Management role with a small strategic consulting company. The company focused on delivering initiatives to help with the long term strategic positioning of Dubai. It was a wonderful introduction to Dubai and all it has to offer.  Having expected to stay for 12 months, I renewed my contract , stayed another 12 months and fell in love with Dubai and the UAE. I am now working with the Government of Dubai, learning Arabic and enjoying contributing to the development of my adopted home.
How would you describe the culture of your business?
Knowledge Management is collaborative. Creating, sustaining and nurturing creativity and innovation is best done in an environment where people share a common goal and work together to achieve that goal. KM (Knowledge Management) can  contribute by providing the infrastructure, both human and technical to support this activity.
What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?
Moving fast enough to keep up with the pace of development, especially in a place like Dubai. Ensuring that the industry stays relevant and doesn’t fall into the trap of capturing information and data and thinking we have a knowledge culture and finding ways to capitalize on the amazing opportunities we have to connect with each other across the globe.
 What is your philosophy?
I believe that true knowledge creation and transfer takes place in the magic that is there when conversations between people occur, when groups find solutions to problems that were previously unsolved, when an expert mentors someone. In essence when people are connected, interested , passionate and driven. How we create work environments to support this is a challenge, but one that we can meet with the responsible use of social media, communication technology and a global world view.
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