Reflections on Peace Right Now! Maggie Williams






In all this world drama that’s going on everywhere right now, I was walking the other  morning evoking balance. An EQ outcome when all is in well. Thinking, how can we all stay in focus and carry on when all we hear and read about right now is disaster? Suddenly I hear the sound of Dubai Police brass band practicing . Smiling to myself at the thought of hearing a band play rousing tunes at 7am in this desert land, the music retreated and the sound of a the big drum started to beat. I noticed my heart beat resonate in sync with the slow drum beat -a slow beat – Slower breathing , calming.
Reflecting on world tolerance day on November 17, and then thinking how we reacted to 9/11, I thought of the importance of Emotional Intelligence Awareness and Techniques right now! One organisation, is dedicacted to 1 billion people practicing to manage their emotions.The 6. Seconds model practices self awareness, and asks, how am I feeling right now? It then looks at problem solving and decision making and navigating emotions, and asks What are my options? Finally, it practices empathy and looks for purpose and it’s noble goal, and asks, What do I really want? Powerful.
Hell this morning I want peace so badly. We ALL want peace -SO what do we have to do in order to get peace? Simple. Practice it . In that sound of the drum this morning I was practicing Peace.
Peace begins with me! Have a great day and I wish everyone Peace beyond all understanding today.