The Difference Between ‘Results’ and ‘Performance’. Mark Tully

Mark Tully of Game Plan Training in Knowledge Village in Dubai has shared his blog with us this month on:

The Difference Between ‘Results’ and ‘Performance’.

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I was composing a discussion on the subject: Can your sales-force be too focused on its sales target? when the difference between ‘results’ and ‘performance’ came to mind. It’s great to have result driven people but the problem is that this can create target fixation – a narrow focus, pushing for short-term results. The implication being the underlying performance that delivers sustainable results loses focus.

This concerns those groups of people who are one or two steps away from the frontline, namely the Sales Supervisors / Junior Sales Managers – and how much focus they place on driving performance in order to deliver results.

However, it’s an organisation-wide problem, not an individual people problem. If the only credible form or performance measurement are the sales numbers then this drives the focus. Also, if elements of personal performance are supported with credible measurement then this in-turn will drive results on the basis that sound measurement drives behaviour which supports results achievement.

It’s a question of balance. We are all required to deliver the quantitative aspects – the results, but this will without doubt be enhanced with a focus on the qualitative – the performance of people in pursuit of the results, which creates more sustainable results in the long-term.

Key Points:

▪ How easily can you differentiate ‘results’ and ‘performance’ in your sales organization?
▪ Do some of your associates demonstrate ‘target fixation’ and give less attention to people and implementation performance
▪ Do you have a performance management system with a credible range of measures that motivate as well as measure personal performance and not just measure the business results?

Mark Tully – Managing Partner