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When a crowd of 300 or more gather in a room with Ron Kaufman, world-renowned author and customer service author of best selling ,“Uplifting Service!” he is bound to generate a room filled with energy, enthusiasm, fun and games! Ron is a one- man human dynamo, dedicated to spreading the word of the importance of a service culture around the world. This workshop was no different. Ron has been coming to Dubai delivering his workshops for 20 years with Dubai’s Right Selection, being the event organisers for all this time. CLO-me.com was there to cover the event. Next month get more tips and advice from on Ron’s workshop On service leadership.

Ron Kaufman jumps on the stage and immediately engages the audience, all from Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s best known companies. He tells his story of how twenty-three years ago he travelled to Singapore to help the Singaporean government create a nationwide service country. He drew parallels with Singapore moving from a manufacturing industrial city, and Dubai, from a small trading emirate to cities diversifying into tourism, and aviation hubs, service, financial and regional HQ hubs. Singapore, having the best airport and airline in the world on the merits of service alone, with a large percentage of passengers never leaving the airport, but remaining in transit, has only a few hours to sell itself to passengers and to promote Singapore in the best possible light. Imagine, a whole country being educated in a culture of “ How can I serve you?”

“So, what is your definition of service?” Ron asks the audience. After much sharing, He defines service as, ‘Taking action to create value for someone else’.
Well, what’s the payoff in this definition, for the provider one might ask? Well surprisingly, Ron affirms that providing uplifting service to others naturally enriches your relationships – improving your support network, contributing to your own success.

Imagine a world in which everyone is encouraged to be encouraging. Imagine a world whose common intention isn’t just to solve problems but to uplift and inspire because they really want to, not because they are paid to? This is what Ron says is an aligned service culture, as opposed to one where processes and procedures are not aligned, where step by step guidelines are not in place to guide us along the path, creating a confused culture.

Finally, Ron asks: “Imagine an organization—your organization—truly uplifted, with every person fully engaged, encouraging each other, improving customer experience, making the company more successful, and contributing to the community at large.

The 5 stage Up Your Service Model :
1. Leadership Alignment
2. Culture Steering Committee
3. The 12 stage Building Blocks
4. Actionable Service Education
5. System and Process Integration

Some Lessons to be learnt from his successful clients are:

Sustainable Customer Service requires:

1. Understanding the difference between improving service performance and building an uplifting service culture.
2. Clear objectives, priorities and success measures
3. Demonstrate top down Commitment
4. Have a medium to long term view
5. Are clear on the need for whole organisation involvement
6. Are Clear on the need for integration and alignment of culture building activities
7. Are committed to a partnership with UP! Your service
8. Practice transparency and proactivity in communication
9. Keep promises at the top
10. Expect great support from UP! Your service, and expect great results!

Ron provided hilarity and clarity in this very successful, interactive workshop. Delegates finished off Ron’s sentences for him, they mimed and mimicked his funny definitions of the Six steps of Customer Service with funny voices.

6. Unbelievable
5. Surprising
4. Excellent
3. Expected
2. Basic
1. Criminal

It was funny how the room went silent when Ron asked how service was in their companies! Ron advises that we only need one or two surprising, and unbelievable acts of service if most of the time we are providing excellence!
Clearly with Ron’s mission of globally uplifting the world, and with Dubai’s mission of bringing World Expo 2020 to Dubai, I think we are going to see more and more of Ron Kaufman and his success principles and practices being implemented in Dubai.

After reading this, how good is your company at customer service? If it’s criminal – call Ron!

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