The Light Work of Cause and the Effect, DC (during corona):A RAPTalk by Susan K Furness, Senior Associate, Edgewalkers International


We know, what we know through experience, right?
Meaning like, it’s happened before
And if we are awake, we see a cause
But awake or not we get an effect.

Meaning like, if we like the effect, we know how to cause it again;
If we want to diss the effect, we can walk around it
Or not cause it
But that is if we were awake to what caused it, right?

CoVid-19 was swept under as it swept in
Still flummoxing leaders who hadn’t factored its effect
As the growth of nations is piped to the post by the growth of debt.

Experience says that the growth of nations is nourished by the growth of corporations
As they respond to the effect of demand-led supply.

No, scratch that;
As they respond to the effect of supply-led demand.

So, is this push and pull game of supply and demand in for a hard change as CoVid retreats?

Word on some streets heralds a new start
Shaken and stirred by the many causes and many effects as lock down took hold
Prompting a look in, as hearts speak to heads, modelling that sharing is indeed caring, and one team can have one dream
Rocking that common unity is present at the heart of community.

It can take moments, not years, for fearful to morph as fearless
The new contagion proving acts of love & kindness provoke acts of love & kindness, which in turn turn the table on cause and effect;
As push embraces pull and pull joins hands with push.

The heart asks the head to dance in union
and many hands join together to make light work of the light work of service to mankind
as man becomes kinder to Earth, our mother.




Susan Furness is a strategist known for bringing alternative solutions to the table, using a powerful mix of Business Fundamentals, Conscious Communications, Spirituality and Wellbeing. She guides individuals and teams ‘to look in different places for new answers to business, community family and life, while remaining decisively human in the digital era’.