5 Things Anthony Robbins Taught Me

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Innoverto this year partnered with Tony Robbins events to promote him in the Middle East  for his London venue. A number of Dubai based residents flew to London to his  “Unleash The Power Within” workshop. Rasheda Khatun our roving ambassador was there to record her experiences.

May 10th-13th, 2013

5000 people, 17 different countries! What an explosive 4 days with Tony Robbins, the world’s most renowned peak performance strategist! I found myself immersed in a new playing field of life. From the moment you enter the building, you find yourself raised to a high level of excitement. As you walk towards the registration desk, your energy level is raised, and then raised again, and again to the point of euphoria by the time you reach the room. From that moment on, you are held in this state of being for the whole 4 days. The magic lay in the fact that I came out of there feeling like I had had a one to one with Tony!

Here are the top 5 key learnings from my experience at Unleash The Power Within

1. The fire walk. I’m a fire walker. Burning hot coal, 1200 degrees c. I walked bare foot. I experienced how we can re- condition our mind, turn it off even, and create conviction and certainty where failure becomes impossible. We have the power within us to do something the mind knows is impossible, possible!

2.“Demand nothing less than OUTSTANDING for your life!” Tony described outstanding as “just above incredible”. After a series of questions we asked ourselves, I was completely empowered to choose a life of passion and intensity. I decided I want nothing less for my life! From this place I will now make all of my life decisions.

3. The Success Strategy – whatever you want to achieve apply this process.

  1. Know your outcome. E.g. I want $1,000,000, I want to loose 20kg.
  2. Have a compelling reason. e.g. I want to live in financial freedom so I can experience the world. I want to be fit and healthy enough to watch my grandchild grow.
  3. Find a proven strategy.
  4. Take action.
  5. Review the results.
  6. Make a 2mm change. It’s all in the 2mm changes. We often try something and find it didn’t create the results we wanted, so we then turn 180 degrees and try something else. This will burn us out. If we want long lasting success, it’s in the 2mm changes we make. The difference is here.

4.  100% vitality and energy. If I want to live an outstanding life I need to have 100% vitality. Vitality comes from energy produced through nutrition, what we feed our minds and and the products we use on our bodies. Tony brought us back constantly to his common sense corner. I am now immersed in an Alkaline diet. The power of a balanced diet is that it shapes your whole life, how you feel, how you behave and even your body posture.

5. Breaking through your fears. All the fears we have, come down to basically two:

  1. The fear of not being enough.
  2. The fear of not being loved.

When we let go of these we break through everything that limits us and we can step into achieving anything we want. I learnt that it is us that gives our fear power and so it is us that can release us from the fear.

Unleash The Power Within! – one of the most exhilarating events I have ever experienced.