Tony Buzan Sad News April 14 Maggie Williams

Sad to report that Tony Buzan, Mind Mapper extraordinaire and Memory specialist, bon viveur and many many more accomplishments to his name has left us. He passed on and has left a tremendous legacy behind. Tony was a friend of and was a charming dinner companion., with a sharp sense of humour and wit. He loved travelling in this part of the world and enjoyed friendships and business connections equally.

I remember once asking the great man,” So Tony, if you can recal..?” He stopped me open mouthed and said, ” I don’t believe you’ve asked ME that question!.” The whole table went quiet for a moment before we all laughed at the irony of the mind mapping guru of memory championship fame, had been asked about his memory! paul and I also hosted a very jolly night in Wafi Pyramids on evening. a memorable long night!

Tony your cheeky boyish grin will be much missed. RIP


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