Top Four Tips to Turn your Business Around through Networking – Ivan Misner – In Dubai

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If you missed this event ” Networking like a Pro” Live in Dubai UAE, organised by Right Selection, with Ivan Misner. Our roving reporter Rasheda Khatun was there and was able to capture the salient points.

“The father of modern networking” CNN, Speaker, Author and founder of BNI, the worlds largest business networking organisation.

Through his storing telling approach, I asked Dr Ivan Misner to share his top 4 tips on how you can turn your business around through the power of networking.

1. “The Givers Gain philosophy. An attitude of adding value first. Giving starts the receiving process.” His entire organisation is based on this philosophy. This in the business world will change your business from a transactional one to a relational one.

2. “The power of the butterfly effect – become aware and don’t underestimate the little things we do as it is in these things that take us to those life changing moments.” We recalled some of these events in our own life and traced it back to the person that made it all possible. Ivan takes it one step further, he says, “call that person and thank them.” So thank you Pat Parker for helping me build a charity foundation called Celebration Of Life 🙂 raising so far over AED400,000.

3. “Open and closed twos. When networking with someone, keep a gap so another person can join. This is called an open two. A third person will multiply the possible connections between you. When that third person joins, create another gap for a fourth and so on. The connections will multiply exponentially.”

4. “Know you own value statement.” Ivan asked what do you reply to the question ‘what do you do?’ “I’m a financial advisor.” OR “I help people live the life they love through creating financial freedom.” Ivan shares, “this will open up conversation from a perspective value to others. People are likely to buy from you from this place and at the very least will get them to want to know more. Do the eyebrow test. If their eyebrow moves up, you’re in, if it moves down, you need a new value statement.”

The Networking Guru Dr Ivan Misner. Thanks Ivan, we look forward to your next visit. And thank you for signing my book!

By Rasheda

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