Welcome to 2021

What a year we all have had in 2020. The beginning of last year saw the Middle East in comfortable growth mode, tourism flourishing, the plans for Expo 2020 on track and economies stable. Then with no warning, in March we were all suddenly faced with what we thought was a short enforced lock down of two weeks and a new virus strain would be contained. How wrong we all were. Nine months of controlled public movement and masking, with sanitising our hands throughout the days, were all behaviours embraced by communities around the world. The ensuing shut down brought many business to their knees, people in fear , and many people returning to their homeland due to their workroles disappearing.

This has inevitably caused much stress, and indeed distress in the workplace and communities, with a huge world wide change in working from home, families juggling homeschooling, learning and development being halted and or transferred to an online platform.

These changes while implemented with speed and relative success, are causing stresses and strains to all. It is these challenges that our world of HR and Learning and Development will be working to address in 2021, with more need for workplace stress management, more listening and observing of teams to identify any indication of distress in our colleagues and employees, with a robust process and policy in place to support when needed.

Here at CLO-me.com we ourselves have had challenges to deal with, with work for some of us halting , while conversely those of us in the on-line business, stress coming from being inundated with requests for online solutions and manageing clients expectations. we’ve had experiences of covid, and repatriation, losses of dear friends to Covid too. More about how we’ve all coped in our next issue.

Here’s hoping that 2021 will bring less fear, more positivity, more work, leass tress, health and peace around the world. We look forward to introducing you to more contributors and articles from our regulars too.

Let’s create a platform of sharing our experiences and encourage each other to find the resilience to pull through this year with hope and more joy.

Happy New Year from the CLO-me.com Team