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Co- Founder of 6seconds.org reflects on making new Year’s resolutions

Some reflections on reflections, and two free gifts for you from 6 seconds emotional intelligence organisation to fuel your resolutions.  (SEE THE END OF THE ARTICLE)

I’m not a fan of traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” because they lead to unrealistic expectations and then giving up.  Instead, I like to use this turning point as a reminder to reflect, a key point in the Change MAP process.   Then, I like to choose a focus.

Questions Fuel Learning

Questions activate the brain, and powerful questions create an ensuring process of neural sorting.  Since emotions are signals of importance, asking questions with emotional “weight” is a kind of super-charger on the learning process.


(After all, failure is an outstanding teacher, if we choose to make it so).

How do I feel about the various domains of my life (e.g., work, family, community, spirit)?

Feelings, of course, provide outstanding data for this reflection.

Where I feel anxious, stressed, worried… perhaps I’m missing some crucial link.

Where I feel sad, lonely, or disconnected, perhaps I can re-invest.

Where I feel excited, hopeful, energized, perhaps I can find a clear next step.

Investing Energy

Focus is about choosing where to commit that most precious resource: time.  To focus is to let go of lesser priorities.  To say “no” so you can more fully say “yes.”

Instead of a specific “resolution,” what’s one area of your life or work you’d like to put in focus.  One value you’d like to strengthen?







Two Gifts

To optimize your focus, use strengths and persistence.

Strengths:  When you work from your strengths you go further, faster.  What strengths can you employ in your New Year’s Focus?

To clarify & amplify your strengths, use the beta version of SPARK, a fabulous free tool for learning about your own shining spark.  Www.6seconds.org/spark — no cost, no ads, no gimmicks.  (And very very close to being out of Beta!  We’d love your feedback on the tool)

Persistence: Our free iPhone app will help you turn your intention into action.  INTEND is a ridiculously simple reminder tool that works because of two “tricks”:

:: Random reinforcement (think of the power of slot machines here)

:: Tracking (you give yourself a thumbs up when you follow through)


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