What Does a Chief Learning Officer Do? Andrew Fayad CEO eLearningMind







eLearning Mind recently completed a comprehensive study on the chief learning officer position, by collecting data on over 1550 CLOs via LinkedIn. The results were rather interesting, to say the least. Some of the statistics that popped out were that 45% of all CLOs were female, which is significantly higher than other c-suite female representation. CLOs in New York and San Francisco make upwards of $140-150k per year, while those in Atlanta and Chicago make closer to $110,000. 10% of all US CLOs work in the greater New York City area, and the majority of the remaining CLOs seem to work on coastal cities (see the map for exact location breakdown). Education, Training, and HR were the 3 most represented industries that employ CLOs, which came as no surprise. Check out the infographic image below, as well as further explanation and analysis on the original CLO study.

How many CLOs do you think there are in the Middle East region?

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