What is a CLO?

Good morning from sunny Dubai.  As CLO for the leading mobile telecom business allow me to outline my view on what makes a CLO

  • The CLO must report to the CEO or equivalent level and not anyone below that level
  • This has to be executive “chief” level position
  • 3 KPIs – must all be directly linked to a measurable tangible result that drives Performance + Execution = ROI.  It is not about training calendars and stats on how many trainings or people trained.

1.    Workforce Development: a collaborative KPI with HR + Quality/Governance/Business Excellence dept.  The measure is how many/% of Managers are hitting their annual KPI

2.    L&D Budget: responsible and accountable to manage all L&D budget across enterprise, such as fees, registrations, travel, lodging….internal & external

3.    Performance Execution: take the bottom 20% underperforming Managers and develop them to achieve the next tier up of rating in Performance Appraisal

  • Experience – key drivers

o   Keen business acumen of the sector & market + customers

o   Seasoned facilitator/trainer or consultant or practitioner in a related business where was directly responsible for performance engagements

o   Multi cultural – be able to “immerse” with workforce and internal; external customers

o   Hands on- needs to have been in the trenches, front line/on the shop floor… “grown” from an entry level position and demonstrated significant progression in any field

o   LMS – must be knowledgeable in LMS + rapid learning..blended concept

o   Concept of Operations – must be able to articulate a performance plan that is based on globally recognized and accepted  leadership & management discipline such as Covey, Charan, Carnegie, Blanchard….ASTD system & processes

Would welcome any feedback as well

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