Whoever heard of Phillipe Jan and Stuart Beaumont? Rohit Bassi







“It’s what you do in the dark that will put you in the light.” – Under Armour

In mid 2015 I collapsed to the floor with tears in my eyes, I was gasping for air as I took control of my senses, the news I heard over the phone was heart-breaking. A teacher of mine had departed this physical world of ours, he was Philippe Jan. The person who relayed this message was another teacher of mine, Stuart Beaumont.

From both these individuals, I learned to polish the art of delivering to participants attending my talks/ workshops/ trainings. Without a doubt, their guidance and teaching has played an integral part in the way I carry out my keynote/ public speaking/ presentations.

Fast forward to now, many times prospects call to take my services on coaching them in keynote, public speaking or presentation skills. A majority of them are extremely excited with the thought-provoking, practical and energetic structure of the coaching. When they hear the investment required their jaws drop. The investment is neither cheap or overly priced, its just right. Then there are those clients who simply sign up and are extremely pleased with the outcome.

I talk about this because to fine tune my skills in keynote/ public speaking/ presentation has take years and years of practice. Till date I have to train, practice, and guess what I am still in learning. Every talk, coaching session or workshop I deliver teaches me something new about my delivery style. The whole essence of being in learning was instilled into my workings by Philippe Jan and Stuart Beaumont.

Unknowingly, Philippe and Stuart taught me three important things when it comes to connecting with the participants/audience/delegates, these being:

Thought-provoking – stimulating the senses thus ensuring the learners themselves pay attention and are alert throughout the session
Practical – focus on matters being relevant to the learners, which they could easily put into practice rather than just theorising
Energetic – involving, engaging, and enabling the learners in such a manner that they feel enthusiastic and excited about the delivery

Philippe and Stuart compassionate style of teaching is something I have seen in very few speakers. Yes, there are a number of so-called speakers who use the words passion, caring, giving to brand themselves. They have wonderful branding but that perception is far from reality, it is an illusion created by their marketing machine.

From the teachings of Philippe and Stuart I could say their focus has always been on three core principles when engaging with learners:

Trust – genuinely take interest in them. You are there to guide/mentor/coach/teach in those brief moments thus develop a sense of confidence that makes them feel secure with you
Respect – at all times be considerate with the needs and wants of them. Your responsibility is to build and develop a strong positive bond with each individual who is under your wing. In this manner, they can easily voice out their concerns
Empathy – when the trust and respect forms then you gain the ability to grasp the feelings of another. It simply means you now can see their map of the world with greater clarity

Although Philippe is no longer with us but certainly his teaching attitude carries on through me to the best of my abilities. And currently, Stuart thrives in his career as an accomplished senior consultant and training manager in the Talent Management/ Human Capital Management/ L&D field.

Thank you, Philippe and Stuart, for being a part of my journey, God Bless.

“It’s been a long day without you, my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again”- Justin Franks, Charlie Puth, Cameron Thomaz

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