You Need FUN – All You CEOs VIPS and MDs Rohit Bassi



I believe it was sometime in 2001 that, Dave Winpenny, said to me “the river always flows down” as I waited for my then reporting manager at Orlando airport.

Dave Winpenny and my then manager, Jon Underwood, in my eyes have always been great leaders. For me they have never been managers or directors, they simply were encouraging leaders.

As I ponder on what was so unique about them was the fact they followed a principle I call FUN. Yes, indeed it was an honour to work with them and at the same time, it truly was FUN.

Apart from FUN meaning having the enjoyment to work with them, it went beyond that. Their unique FUN way allowed me to be creative, innovative and productive. Under their wings, I had seen my career soar at an accelerated rate and more importantly there was a giant leap in developing my personality.

Very few CXO/ President, CEO, CIO, CTO, CFO, CCO, CPO, CSO, MD, VP, Director, Business Owner apply the FUN principle. The principle simply is:

  • Focus – to remain attentive and alert to what is required, refocus whenever going off track and be clear on the vision. Always implementing compassion and positive reinforcement to get back on track
  • Unite – collaborate with everyone (internal and external parties), using all possible resources in an ethical and amicable manner. Ensuring that everyone chips in and supports each other
  • Nurture – honing into the core competencies of individuals, ensuring each team member is utilised in what he/she excels in. More importantly having a genuine caring nature towards all, no matter what the situation

Dave and Jon were fully aware to forge the path to success starts with them, and they had to display this consistently to all teams. “Compassionate Leadership” is the characteristics of both of them (check Manley Hopkinson, motivational speaker and thought leader in practical leadership); the traits being awareness, courage, confidence and joy.

Thank you Dave and Jon for being a part of my journey, God Bless.


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