John Gray: What Makes Men Happy is Not the Same for Women [youtube][/youtube] Dan Stuart, Managing Director, LivingSocial Middle East [youtube][/youtube] . Dan Health: How To Find Bright Spots. [youtube][/youtube] Let's say your kid comes home one day and shows you this report card. Anything jump out at you? Well, if you're like most parents, all you really see is this. And you'd hire a tutor, and your kid would be grounded, and they can kiss their Wii goodbye. Read More Global English: The Cure For Globalitis [youtube][/youtube] GlobalEnglish: the cure for Globalitis. Learn about GlobalEnglish's revolutionary new approach to helping companies increase their global productivity and performance through award-winning Business English communication software. Learn more at SkillSoft Today (Part 1) [youtube][/youtube] Find out why SkillSoft is the Learning Provider of choice to over 3,000 organisations and 10 million learners worldwide. This is Part 1 of a 2-part video.